At Anadi, I offer a comprehensive program on Women’s Health and Hormones including a 10 step plan that not only addresses the menstrual cycle, but all the factors which create Health. This program can also be used to support you during perimenopause and menopause. According to Ayurvedic principles, Health is multifaceted and one of the keys for us as Women to feel nourished, supported and empowered is to honor all aspects of ourselves. Thus, the approach at Anadi recognizes that for a Woman to be Healthy, her physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs must be met.

By working the 10 step program, the keys and tools to do just this are given to you. You become the navigator of your own Body and Health. By taking ownership of your body and it’s wisdom, you empower yourself, which creates vitality, strength, and confidence.

Nothing is more dynamic and powerful than a Woman aligned and in tune with her own Body. When a Woman knows her own body and it’s signs so intimately, She can recognize for Herself when an imbalance begins . . And knows how to correct it Herself.

Unfortunately, many of the signs of imbalances have been collectively accepted as normal. According to Ayurveda, pain is not a natural part of a menstrual cycle. We have been told that PMT, cramps, clots, headaches, (to name a few) and overall discomfort and pain are just part of a menstrual cycle

These are symptoms of an imbalance that has been left unchecked and untreated. A healthy menstrual cycle does not include any of the above.

It is possible to work with any underlying imbalances. It is possible to alleviate symptoms. It is possible to experience the menstrual cycle for what it is, one of the best barometers of personal female health there is, including the potential for healing and transformation when in balance.

When a menstrual cycle is working correctly, it allows us to detox and rejuvenate (on all levels) on a monthly basis. We lose this opportunity if our menstrual cycle is masked by hormonal contraception or if we, ourselves, are out of alignment with our cycle.

This program is not just solely for the menstrual cycle, if you are currently experiencing perimenopause or menopausal symptoms this plan can be tailored to address your symptoms. Much like the menstrual cycle, a lot of what we have been told about what is normal for our bodies during these times are often due to an imbalance and it can be corrected. The majority of time, women enter into these stages hormone deficient and depleted. By taking action to help the endocrine system and reproductive system, we do not have to suffer what is considered “normal” symptoms. I reversed my own perimenopause symptoms within six months and I share all of this information in the Woman’s Health plan.


The 10 step plan that I have designed includes:

 – Building a Healthy Foundation for Healthy Hormones

 – Treating Vata Dosha ( Vata Dosha controls the Menstrual cycle)

 – Addressing both Agni (Digestion) and the Microbiome

 – Treating the Liver which directly impacts the Menstrual Cycle

 – Understanding Menstrual Cycle Messages, Knowing the Signs your Body is sending including spiritual, mental and emotional

 – Addressing energetic patterns that are blocking us from truly engaging with the sacredness of our cycle, our hormones, and our female bodies.

 – Food and Diet to feed our Hormones

 – Redefine what a Menstrual Cycle is and what it should feel like

 – The relationship between our personal creativity and our Menstrual Cycle

 – Cultivating a Relationship with Lunar Wisdom, Working with the Moon and exploring the Cyclical and Intuitive Nature of the Female Body


This plan is currently offered through a Women’s Health Package where you avail of monthly consultations and support. You will receive support, guidance, and encouragement every step of the way, along with the opportunity to join the Women’s Health group so we can cheer one another on!

Please see our shop to purchase the Women’s Health Package, packages including 5 or 7 consultations. As a package, the consultation fees have been reduced. You can pay in installments, please contact me directly if needed.

Consultations are available online or available in person at Ayurveda Center Malmö, Sweden.