Ayurveda for Women’s Health

The Mystical Cycle

We will explore the beauty of each transition of a Woman’s life through the lens of Ayurveda, from Maiden to Crone.
Each workshop is designed to empower you, to give you critical information about every transition of a Woman’s life so you can make informed decisions about what you want for your yourself, your body, and your health.

Part one will be the Maiden~the Menstrual Cycle

Included in this workshop will be :

  • Introduction to Ayurved – Know the Doshas & their functions especially in relation to the Female Body

  • Prakruti vs. Vikrut- Know the difference between your Constitution (what is true about you) and your Vikruti(symptoms of an imbalance)

  • The Doshas & the Menstrual Cycle – Why it’s critical to have balanced Doshas for a healthy cycle

  • How does Ayurveda define a healthy menstrual cycle

  • The Pain Myth . Pain is common it’s not normal. We will use Ayurveda to explain how & why pain starts and what to do about it.

  • The sequence of how Vata Dosha goes out of balance and the symptoms it creates when out of balance

  • The health benefits of having a natural, healthy menstrual cycle, what the menstrual cycle gives us as Women. (it’s not pain)

  • The relationship between the menstrual cycle and our experience of menopause

  • The menstrual cycle is a detox. Why it’s crucial for every woman to detox on a monthly basis for her mental, emotional, and physical health.

  • Vata management, how to begin Vata treatment at home to improve your menstrual cycle health



Part Two- Motherhood and Fertility

Balance Your Hormones ~ An Ayurvedic Perspective

In this workshop, we will cover the definition of what it is to have balanced and healthy hormones.

  • Most women do not know what it should feel like when hormones are actually healthy and this workshop is designed to discuss what a woman would experience if she was receiving the full benefits of both estrogen and progesterone.
    We will explore all of the benefits of estrogen and progesterone, including physically, mentally, emotionally, and creatively

  • Estrogen and progesterone are far more than just chemical messengers but are composed from a complex and highly intelligent system that follows the cyclical laws of Nature. The seasons, the moon, and our hormones are all following the same dance. For a woman to truly return to health and thrive, she should align herself with the natural working of her hormones (Nature itself).

  • Finally, we will add what Ayurveda has to offer to balancing a woman’s hormones. We will discuss which Doshas are related to the hormones, and how balancing the Doshas immediately helps to balance hormones.
    From my own experience of working with women, the most significant and powerful results have been when women combine Ayurveda with a hormone balancing program.

Date: September 30
Time : 1:30 pm
Ayurvediskt Center Malmö


Part Three- Journey to Wise Woman


  • The dreaded M word. It should stand for Misunderstood and Misrepresented. Everything I have read so far about Menopause in social media and popular culture is doing just that, misrepresenting what should be a celebrated and sacred transition into wisdom, leadership, and power. But we have detoured so far from honouring sacred cycles, we can no longer connect to the power of the Wise One, she who has experience, maturity, and integrity. We are all suffering without the presence of true female elders, they should be the lanterns guiding the way for all of us.

  • This workshop is designed to tear apart all the misrepresentation around menopause. I will cover from an Ayurvedic point of view, all of the factors that determine a woman’s experience of menopause. The key areas being Agni, Heart, Liver and Ama. I will discuss how if a woman chooses to address these areas she will radically change her experience of menopause. We will also discuss how to work with menopausal symptoms, hormonal imbalances, and changes in the body.

  • Ideally, all women should start preparing for Menopause at age 35. All of us undergo a hormonal shift at age 35 and 45. Unfortunately, we are not educated about our hormonal changes and often bring a hormonal imbalance into our menopause experience. All of this can be prevented, and I will share how to do this.

  • Menopause is a transition and a transformation. It is an ending, intended for women to strip back all that no longer works in their lives so they can embrace their new life as a Wise Woman. Menopause is truly a powerful stage of a woman’s life and my goal is to bring back the respect and reverence it deserves for all women.

Date: October 14
Time : 10 am to 1:30 pm
Ayurvediskt Center Malmö

All three of these workshops will be offered in 2024 online! Stay tuned for dates.

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