Chakra Diagnosis

A Chakra Diagnosis uses the ancient system of yoga anatomy which is based on Chakras.
Thus, a Chakra Diagnosis is a unique and personal exploration of a person’s energy field which gives a detailed analysis of the chakras in order to provide information to the client about their personal well-being on all levels.
Within the body exist a series of minor and major energy centres called chakras. A Chakra Diagnosis focuses on the eight major chakras and includes a detailed description of each.
These chakras line up along the spine along a major energy line called the Sushumna. Each of these chakras has its own distinct character and function.
Their functions are broad ranging and extend from the quality of our consciousness to the health of a physical organ. Basically, each chakra has a job to do.
This job is far ranging and does not only include physical function but mental, emotion and spiritual as well. If a particular chakra is blocked or is not doing its job, it creates problems on every level.
As each chakra relates to an unique aspect of ourselves, it is important that each chakra is working correctly so that we may receive the benefits of that chakra.
For example, someone who may have a blockage in the throat chakra would not experience fluidity of personal expression and may find it difficult to communicate one’s thoughts and feelings.
A Chakra Diagnosis would detect this blockage and would make recommendations on how to bring that chakra back to health.

What does a Chakra Diagnosis include?

A Chakra Diagnosis will include:
Rachel will analyze and assess the information currently stored in the chakra itself, including past life information. 
As Rachel is able to see each chakra individually, the following information will be included:


  • Current health of the chakra, ie whether the chakra is able to carry out its function and to what degree it is currently working
  • Current blockages and factors in the client’s life that are leading to the blockages
  • The chakra’s relationship with its correlating system and organs (for example by evaluating the solar plexus, Rachel can assess the client’s digestive system and its associated organs)
  • Habitual patterns stored in the client’s consciousness currently informing the chakras
  • How the chakra system as a whole is operating and how one chakra is affecting the other

Based on the information revealed, Rachel will then provide guidance on how to correct the imbalances through physical, emotional, and spiritual recommendations. 
When applicable, Rachel will uses her skills as an Ayurvedic therapist to include physical recommendations which will help the physical health imbalances detected during the reading. 
This facility powerfully supports the client in a completely individual way.