“Hi Rachel, I just wanted to message you to let you know. I’m just out of the hospital after my breast ultrasound and they couldn’t find that large cyst we’d spoken about. The last week of massage I’ve felt I was barely able to pinpoint it and it’s now gone: confirmed! I do have a few more that are only mm in size, but this just goes to show how powerful the medicine you are sharing is. 💜 I’m so happy, and so relieved, and I’m back on my tea daily and really enjoying it. There’s always more to work on, but slowly I’m returning to my routine. I’m due my cycle in a few days and have no symptoms pms whatsoever or breast tenderness. Thank you so much for all of your guidance, and the relief I feel tonight is just impossible to put into words.”

“Rachel Collins is a passionate dedicated and super intelligent woman. I’ve witnessed this first hand as a client of hers and student.
I feel is important to highlight how accurate this healing system is through my own experience. So on a very personal note, over the past few years I’ve had months of crazy painful menstrual cycles to the point where I cant stand up straight or put pressure on my left foot, the heel in particular.
As it turned out I started to see Rachel Collins a week before my dragged out dreaded 5-7 days of monthly agony. During my consultation, I was given a prescription. But not the type you would expect. I was given a prescription of ayurvedic practises, a daily routine. Yes I was resistant to some degree as I always am about discipline! But let me tell you…within one week of this daily routine I bled and holy feck! I had NO pain.
I mean NOOO pain, a little tired yes but that was it. NO crippling stabs of pain and shots of pain. I could walk about normally on my left foot, stand up straight. I think I was in shock that very first day. That’s when the penny dropped on how utterly brilliant and very much needed these ancient teaching are to us all. Especially us women who have to deal with this constant change and cycle of hormones throughout our lives. “


“I would highly recommend a chakra diagnosis with Rachel. I found the diagnosis to be extremely accurate and deeply personal. She communicated everything in a compassionate and intimate way. The information given was very practical and specific to me, and has helped me clearly see the blocks that I have created not only in my body physically, but in my mind, heart and spirit which have in turn created my life circumstances. Rachel offered me the keys, inviting me to choose to work with these keys in unlocking and unravelling these blocks. Through Rachel’s reading I have been given the opportunity to experience myself and life in a more loving, grounded, open and balanced way. Thank you Rachel!”

“I cannot recommend Rachel’s massage and vayu diagnosis highly enough. In her massage Rachel creates a powerfully transformative healing space where I am met in intimacy and from where I emerge feeling more grounded, balanced, nourished and energized. In addition to her touch I have always found Rachel’s accompanying vayu diagnosis to be penetratingly insightful in a manner which challenges me and supports me to go deeper with my intent to heal. Immediately after each massage from Rachel I find myself looking forward already to the next one. Rachel is a blessing, as are her touch and her insights.”

“I first met Rachel as part of my yoga teacher training 2 years ago and she introduced me to ‘Ayurveda ’ and its teachings. I was opened up to a whole new world of wisdom and teachings which although at first, it all felt very unfamiliar to me, and I felt a lot of resistance, I also felt a resonance and yearning to explore the practice deeper. I trusted my intuition and I had a consultation and follow up session both in person and on zoom. I found Rachel not only a warm, kind caring person but her advice and guidance is practical and easy to apply to every day life provided you are committed and open hearted. The practice is so empowering to me as a woman and I am learning to really dig deep into my body, mind & soul and rediscover my own power and wisdom. Rachel is a genuine teacher and her integrity shines through as she practices what she preaches. I only wish I came to know these teachings earlier in my life but I believe it’s never too late to rediscover and become your authentic self. Thank you Rachel ☺️ I am still on my journey and I have so much to learn ! I hope that one day this teaching and practice will be part of the school system as it will benefit us all in terms of health, wellbeing, love & joy!” Julie Ireland





About Rachel’s Workshops:

““Spent the day at a fantastic workshop with Rachel from Anadi Ayurveda. So much relevant information. “ Shauna

“Thank you again for a day filled with the most amazing information .” Joan

“So informative and inspiring “ Adrienne

“Thanks for the workshop Rachel. It was really helpful and informative. “ Laura