The Heart and the Womb

The Heart & The Womb is a program I put together where I combine my skills an an intuitive/healer with my Ayurvedic background.

I use my experience of over fifteen years of working with Women through Ayurveda and over twenty years doing Chakra Diagnosis, to bring together a very unique, intimate, and individual way for a Woman to reclaim her Health and connect to the very real channel between her Heart and Womb.
This is not textbook information, this is working with your own individual energetic patterns which will be revealed through the sessions. Precise guidance will be given which is relevant specifically to you.

In Chinese Medicine, there is a direct link to between the Heart and the Womb, called the Bao Mai channel. The Heart governs the blood and the womb relies on blood for its function. It would then make sense that the health of our Heart would have an impact on the quality of our menstrual blood and overall cycle.

Ayurveda says that the menstrual cycle is Rakta Moksha (to free the blood).  This indicates that our menstrual cycle is a powerful opportunity to free our hearts and wombs from painful, dead energy that is weighing us down and holding us back.  As blood circulates through both organs and carries   the weight of our experiences as it collects them from the heart and the womb, it would only makes sense by clearing the organs that house the blood, the blood itself becomes freer and lighter.  The quality of the blood in Ayurveda is paramount and a powerful indicator of both health and karma.

The Heart and the Womb is an individual program designed to utilise the science of Ayurveda with personal, energetic work, to free your Heart and Womb so that not only do you know what your Heart’s longing actually is but how to manifest it. This program is designed to return to you, your own personal Medicine, by working with your own Body. Women are natural shamans, their Menstrual cycles the compass to the deeper work they need to do to shed and transform. By working with the Heart and Womb, not only will your patterns be revealed to you, but your personal power to transform them.

What is included?:

    • Chakra Diagnosis to assess the Chakras with special emphasis on the Heart, Throat and Womb to give the client a blueprint of where to begin Her own personal work.

    • Ayurvedic Consultations to assess the Doshas, Hormones, and overall Health of the Menstrual Cycle

    • We begin by regulating the menstrual cycle, returning it to what it is, a transformational cycle.  Physical and practical support will be given.

    • Once the cycle is stable and regular, we then add in aligning with the Moon, so we start to die and birth with the embodiment of the Female Essence, the Moon .  This is done through energetic coaching and guidance on how to address and release patterns held in the Heart and Womb.

    • The fundamental relationship between the Womb, the Heart and the Throat  will also be included with special emphasis on honesty, transparency, and emotional expression.

    • A compassionate exploration of the more difficult aspects of ourselves that may need to be brought to light, rather than repressed. By doing so, we powerfully free up both our Heart Chakra and Womb Chakra from having to hold space for our ignored emotions and unmet needs.

This package can be offered in either 5 or 7 sessions.

It can be done online or in person in Sweden.

Please contact me directly to book in or for further questions.