Ayurveda & Yoga

This workshop covers an introduction to Ayurveda. It will then discuss in detail how Ayurveda can help Yoga, specifically how Ayurveda provides a clear and concise system to prevent the obstacles discussed in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The importance of why to use Ayurveda to supplement a physical practice of asana will also be explored, and why asana practice alone is often not enough to maintain balance. The fundamental importance of diet in a Yoga practice will be covered, specifically the effect of food on a Yoga practice and how certain foods either help or hinder an asana practice. The workshop will also explore the importance of understanding One’s Constitution and how it influences our Yoga practice. Not everyone should practice Yoga the same way and Ayurveda gives a precise understanding of how to practice Yoga as part of an Ayurvedic daily routine according to one’s individual Constitution. Finally, the workshop will cover the intimate connection between the science of Prana relating to the Soul (Yoga) and the science of Prana relating to the body (Ayurveda) and why for complete healing on all levels, one should not be used without the other.