Rachel Collins

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Rachel Collins trained as an Ayurvedic and Lifestyle Therapist with the European Institute of Vedic Studies under Vaidya Atreya Smith. She received a certificate of Advanced Clinical Study in Ayurveda from the Vinayak Ayurveda and Panchakarma Research Foundation in Nagpur, India in 2011. Rachel made several return trips to Nagpur to further her training in Ayurvedic treatments, including a four week internship assisting with Panchakarma. Rachel’s primary interest in Ayurveda has always been woman’s health and to expand in this, she completed “Healthier Hormones” course with Dr. Claudia Welch. Following completion of this course, she successfully completed a Mentorship program with Dr. Welch to further expand her studies on woman’s health. Rachel is delighted to continue her studies with Dr. Welch and offers an unique woman’s health program at Anadi.
She is a qualified RYS 200 yoga teacher who completed teacher training with John Scott Yoga. Rachel taught Yoga for 12 years and is the first yoga teacher in the SouthEast to qualify in Ayurveda. Rachel is also the first Yoga teacher to implement an Ayurvedic program offering consultations, treatments, and Ayurvedic oils in the SouthEast. Rachel has over 15 years of experience working with clients, teaching, and facilitating group work.
Along with her Ayurveda and Yoga professional training, Rachel is a gifted intuitive and mystic, and brings these abilities to her Ayurvedic practice. She developed two unique methods of diagnosis, Chakra Diagnosis and Vaya Diagnosis as part of her Anadi Ayurveda program based on her unique ability to see both Chakras and Vayus. Rachel has the ability to see the root cause of the disturbance of the Doshas and thus her recommendations often include addressing the client’s energy body, going beyond standard Ayurvedic protocols. Rachel has a sincere commitment to the growth of each Individual client, and thus her approach to both client and Ayurveda is multi-dimensional, intimate, and reverent.

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