The Becoming~ Birth Yourself

Every function of the Female Body mirrors that of the Divine Mother’s Body. There are no accidents. The Female’s ability to birth, bleed, and die is Divinely ordained.

The stigmatisation and criminalisation of the Divine functions of the Female Body need to stop now. And it begins with Women.
Women who want to own this, live this, breathe this.
And are willing to confront and challenge anything that stops them from doing so. . . Including friends, family, partners, and most importantly. . Themselves.

It will include :

  • Ayurveda for the Female Body and Women’s Health

  • Why Ayurveda is a Feminine science & is a perfect Anchor

  • The language of the Divine Mother encoded in Ayurveda

  • The Menstrual Cycle in Detail, what it does for our bodies, minds, and hearts and why it is crucial to have a regular cycle for a woman’s health. What is natural for a menstrual cycle and what isn’t.

  • Hormones- Intelligent messengers of the Mother and your guide to your relationship with your Body

  • Puberty, Menstrual Cycle, Birth, Menopause returning to what these are, Initiations

  • The Heart, The Womb, The Liver, and the Throat
    Understanding the Energetic synergy between them all.

  • The Liver and The Blood, The Blood and the Grail.

  • The Liver and Truth, understanding our capacity to discern and it’s dependence on the health of the Liver.

  • Goddesses & Mythology ~ Born out of the Woman’s Body

  • What we put into our bodies and why? Exploring in detail the many substances that harm the Female’s Body’s natural intelligence

  • The Pill & other contraceptives. The false bleed and side effects of contraception, everything you weren’t told.

  • Solar and Lunar Energy. How our relationship with the Solar/Masculine affects our relationship with Lunar/Feminine. This includes looking at our projections, blame and victim consciousness.

  • Life vs. Anti-Life Energy. It exists. Do we know the difference between the two and our relationship with both.

  • Magdalene, the ultimate teacher of what it is to be Female and most important, Human. This was realised through her apprenticeship to the Mother and Christ.

  • Moon/Lunar Rituals, following Her instructions

This course will be held one Saturday a month for 9 months online.
It is an intensive course where you will be challenged to look and take ownership of your own resistance and avoidance of your own personal relationship with the Divine Mother.

This is not a course designed to explore how the collective culture, society, the church, patriarchy, the past or even our parents have let us down, (although we will explore the systematic attack on the Divine Feminine).

This course is a personal invitation to ask you to step into your personal power as a Creator and become/birth yourself as a Wise Woman, mature enough to own her choices, wise enough to understand the consequences of Her choices for Herself and all our children, truth loving enough to see things as they are, humble enough to take instruction, passionate enough to lead, illuminated enough to burn through illusions, and so filled with ecstatic Love that there is nothing left to do, but surrender and Serve. It is time for Women, who know that being Human is a Divine Grace, to Rise

What is included:

3 consultations with me, tailored to you as an individual to receive physical, mental, emotional, and energetic support and guidance

Course material taught online(all sessions will be recorded and you can access them if you are not able to be present) Sessions will be 3 hours in length.

Moon meet ups (to be announced) We will meet on either a new moon or full moon of each month to synchronise our intent of dying and birthing.

Course materials.

My facilitation as a guide. This course is birthed out of my own experience of working and teaching with and for women for the last 15 years. It is has been specifically designed to meet the needs of women that I’ve seen coming up over the last 15 years, through my work in treatments, consultations, workshops and Chakra Diagnosis. But most importantly, this course was birthed out of my own experience and encounter with the Divine Mother and Magdalene, and my evolving relationship with both.

Cost is 1,800 euros.
A 500 euros deposit will be required to hold your space.
Space is limited to a small group.
Payment plans are available! (Contact me if you need to do a payment plan)

Dates TBA