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  • Vatashamak Oil

    €10 €18 €36

    Ayurveda recommends daily self message. Benefits of self massage with Vatashamak Oil include, it improves appearance and overall lustre of skin. It increases softness of skin and relieves dry skin. It decreases Vata Dosha(High Vata is the main cause of imbalance in the body). It strengthens tissues and reduces stiffness and rigidity in the joints. It promotes sound sleep. Vatashamak calms the mind and nervous system. It is anti-ageing. Vatashamak can be massaged into the skin before a shower, or for best results, massage it in before bed, sleep in it and rinse in the morning. Vatashamak is hand made by us from 10 different herbs from the Vinayak Centre in India and is cooked over a 3 day period in organic cold pressed sesame oil.

    Available in 100ml, 250ml or 500mls 


  • Vatashamak/Coconut Oil

    €10 €18 €36


Ayurveda recommends daily self massage. The unique combination of 
Vatashamak oil blended with Coconut oil means you receive all the
 benefits of the Vatashamak oil plus the power of Coconut Oil. The
benefits include: increase in energy and metabolism, improves the skin's 
tone, smoothness, and elasticity. The oil is anti-aging and is
 rejuvenating to the skin. It improves sleep and helps the body absorb
 vital nutrients such as calcium and magnesium during sleep. It is
 highly recommended for those who suffer with skin conditions such as dry,
itchy, cracked and/or red skin. Vatashamak/Coconut can be specially
 blended to meet an individual's needs.Vatashamak/Coconut can be applied before a shower or for best results,
 massage into skin before bed, sleep in it and rinse in the morning.

    Available in 100ml, 250ml or 500mls


  • Brahmi Oil

    €10 €17 €33

    Ayurveda recommends use of Brahmi Oil to the hair and scalp.
    The benefits of Brahmi Oil include:
    Helps to grow strong, healthy thick hair.
    Improves the condition of the scalp and relieves dry, itchy scalp conditions including dandruff.
    Brahmi oil is a fantastic remedy for hair conditions due to excessive heat including hair loss and thinning hair. It increases the formation of strong, healthy hair while retaining color and shine.
    Improves memory,concentration and alertness. Brahmi Oil is known as "Memory Oil" due to its memory boosting power.
    Improves sleep and relieves tension. Brahmi oil puts the mind and body at ease creating the environment for deep restful sleep.
    Brahmi oil can massaged into hair and scalp, paying special attention to the roots 5/10 minutes before a shower or for best results massage into hair before bed, sleep in it and shower in the morning.
    Brahmi oil is handmade over a 2 day period with 5 different herbs specially imported from the Vinayak Centre in India and is cooked with organic cold pressed sesame oil.

    Available in 100ml, 250ml or 500mls


  • Nasya Oil


    Ayurveda recommends the use of Nasya oil into the nostrils. Nasya oil opens the channels of the head, clears the senses, and removes blockages. Nasya oil improves immunity and protects against infection. It clears and lubricates the sinus passageways. It increases brain function and concentration. It excellent for the following conditions, dry nasal conditions, sinus congestion, common cold, sinusitis, headaches, and dizziness. In general, it is excellent for any conditions of eyes, ears, nose and throat. It is highly recommended for yoga and pranayama practice because of its beneficial effect on Prana(vitality).
    Nasya oil should be applied daily by placing 2 drops into each nostril in the morning. It is highly recommended to use during the winter time as it protects against infection and exposure to the wind and cold.

    Available in 100mls



Vatashamak Oil
“When I open the bottle and smell the Vatashamak oil I always think of being cared for – whether that is because the scent of the oil reminds me of the treatments I have received from Rachel or the results of using the oil at home – that is what I feel, it lets me know I am choosing to care for myself.
For years I had very dry, itchy skin on my lower legs but this has disappeared with the use of Vatashamak and the rest of my body just loves being pampered by the simple act of applying this wonderful oil. Thank you Rachel”


Vatashamak/Coconut Oil
“When Rachel first suggested using Vatashamak/Coconut oil I was genuinely surprised with both the speed and results of the oil. I had been practicing yoga for about 1 year prior to using the oil. Having worked in the construction industry for over 20 years, my lower back, knees and ankles were frequently stiff and sore. My yoga practice was really helping with the stiffness in my joints but with the addition of a nightly self-massage of Vatashamak/coconut oil, the difference was quite dramatic. It has greatly increased my mobility and strength and reduced the stiffness of all my joints, particularly lower back and knees. The oil has helped me mature and evolve my practice at a level I would not have thought possible. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Vatashamak/Coconut oil to any practitioner of yoga at any level. Om Shanti.”
Ger M.

Brahmi Oil
I started using Brahmi oil for my hair about 6mths ago and the benefits are many, the following are a few that I have experienced.
Firstly: for women it is a great money saver, as this oil holds the colour in your hair for longer I now get at least nine weeks out of a colour
Secondly: massaging the oil at night time has greatly improved the quality of my hair, definitely not as dry or fuzzy as it use to be, and I have tried a lot of commercial products.
Thirdly: Brahmi oil will help your sleep pattern.
Fourthly: For such a good product it is very reasonably priced and affordable for all our pockets.
Lastly this oil is made with no harmful additives added, so excellent for anyone suffering from any intolerances to certain hair products.
All the best


Nasya Oil
“Some years ago I was hospitalized with an inner ear infection, and subsequently developed a virus, which led to recurring ear, nose and throat problems as well as a general lack of energy. This condition had the effect of greatly reducing my quality of life.
A few months ago I began working with Rachel, following a course of treatment that included diet and use of her oils, particular the Brahmin and Nasya oils. I really appreciate the purity and freshness and medicinal properties of the oils as well as the nourishing and grounding aspects.
There are now real signs that the virus is beginning to lift, and that’s something that fills me with great optimism.”


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